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We are the leading company dealing with innovation and modernization in the accommodation industry. This is accomplished through services to current accommodation businesses (hotels, hostels, Airbnbs, corporate housing, and more) and partnerships to create such businesses from scratch.

We have four principles to achieve a modern accommodation:

  1. Maximum Innovation
  2. The Optimal Business Model
  3. Much More Accommodation Revenue
  4. Accommodation Resources to Succeed

By focusing on these things, we can accomplish great things together.

For more details on all that we offer, please refer to our services page:

Finally, if you are interested in partnering with Dan on a Modern Accommodation, take a look at our partnership page.


About Dan

about dan

Dan is passionate about the future and helping businesses and individuals prepare accordingly. He owns several businesses and is always looking to innovate. Coming from a banking background, he has always had significant exposure to the real estate world. Combining that with 100% job travel for many years, he has stayed in hundreds of hotels, Airbnbs, and other accommodation types.

Along the journey, Dan decided to combine these two concepts. He realized that hotels could do so much better in terms of innovating their business model, marketing, and services. Taking his business, finance, operations, and strategy skill-set, he knows the industry can drastically improve their business model and profitability. He decided to focus on accommodation real estate, as he is passionate about travel and sees first-hand how strong growth is in this sector.

If you are interested in discussing the Modern Accommodation concept in greater detail, Dan is a friendly guy and always happy to chat. You can reach out via the contact form below…

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