Welcome to Modern Accommodation Group!

modern accommodation

About Us

This is a newly formed company that aspires to modernize the accommodation industry. The vision works on three principles:

  1. Any current accommodation type (hotel, hostel, Airbnb property) can quickly innovate. I can help them do it successfully.
  2. With travel at an all time high and growing, it’s an exciting time to launch new accommodation ventures. I seek partners to make that happen.
  3. My brand’s accommodation holdings and partners will achieve things not being done anywhere else. We will be the biggest innovators in the industry.


The accommodation industry hasn’t innovated as quickly as its customers have


Modern facilities, modern technology, modern amenities, modern design. For the modern customer

Financial Strength

Everything done aims for a strong ROI. Financial diligence is at the heart of all our efforts

Operational Excellence

Managing the business with immaculate precision and keeping the guest at the heart of all you do